New week, new songs. FreshDope selects for you freshest hip hop and rap songs on Spotify and Youtube. Be sure to listen "I Told You" by Tory Lanez, that's really dope!

Enjoy! 🎧

Awesomeness on Spotify

  1. Be Mine by Aeli
  2. Hella Straight by Packy
  3. Livin' Proof by Group Home
  4. I Told You/ Another One - Streaming by Tory Lanez
  5. Flexicution by Logic
  6. I'm sorry (feat. shiloh) by Swell
  7. Move Together by Somewhere Else, Majid Jordan
  8. Gone by Jonathan Holmquist
  9. Devil Eyes by Hippie Sabotage
  10. Whatever U Like by Americol, Karma Befometz

This playlist is available only on Spotify.

French Dope on Youtube

  1. A2H - Yacht Music
  2. Sam's - C'est comment
  3. A2H - On peut le faire
  4. Lasco - Bout du Monde
  5. Léo Berliner - Cookies (feat. Censi)
  6. I2H - 22'LR - Daymolition
  7. Georgio - Années Sauvages

This playlist is available only on Youtube.

Bonus Track